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architectural DESIGN Ltd are currently looking to expand their team with this new appointment:

Are you looking for more?


1. Full time employment working in house as a team member.

2. Be able to compile working drawings with minimal supervision, (in house QA procedures).

3. Manage junior member/s of our team.

4. Enjoy good humour.

5. Have a full driver licence.

Optional duties:

1. Client liaison.

2. On site measure.

3. Design of projects solely or as part of a team.

This position offers exposure to industry events and association with ADNZ. Expected remuneration of high caliber applicants is 70k+ and will be based on production and open for discussion. We would consider a one-two year term contract.

Thank you for your consideration and feel free to call David on 078702221 for any other further clarification on this appointment. Please forward your CV and reasons for applying to for consideration.

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