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PIOPIO renovation.

An infill renovation is difficult to achieve properly. In this case, it was a south facing infill with a view of the farm. We accomplished the brief whilst also introducing north sun into this new space as an extra bonus.

These pictures were taken from similar locations.

NEW connection from the residence to the existing garage.

KAWHIA Road renovation.

The ​brief was to enhance the existing FORM, and add an eaves to ensure water tightness.

These pictures were taken from similar locations.

NORWEGIAN Road renovation.

The ​brief was to "REVAMP" our existing home into a brand new experience.

These picture and office imagery are taken from similar locations.

3D visualisations prepared by the team.

Arapuni Front VIEW.jpg
Existing Arapuni HOME to be renovated.

ARAPUNI Road renovation.

The ​brief was to "Turn it into SOMETHING"

Taking the clients functional requirements and transforming them into a solid conceptual DREAM. 

Arapuni Living VIEW.jpg
Original BATCH.
Pemberton_1 - Photo.jpg
Pemberton_10 - Photo.jpg
Pemberton_2 - Photo.jpg
Pemberton_3 - Photo.jpg
Pemberton_6 - Photo.jpg
Pemberton_8 - Photo.jpg
Pemberton_5 - Photo.jpg
Pemberton_9 - Photo.jpg

RAGLAN renovation.

"WORST House" to beach bash!

It was obvious that we had to move the whole property into a modern form with low maintenance cladding's  to maximise return.

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