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Through aesthetics, practicality and technical ability, the team at architectural DESIGN Ltd are charged with the responsibility of extracting the best value in architecture for you and your project.

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Renovation PORTFOLIO


So are you are thinking about potentially renovating your existing home, and your wondering what the process is.  The following is a guide to aid in understanding the process's with regard to "the renovating game":

1. Form a budget for one reason or the other by:

a.  how much you can afford or .....

b. how much your project will cost.

Make contact with your builder to discuss building costs and ideas to help for a preliminary budget. He may more than likely, suggest you contact a designer to draw up some plans.

Alternately, if you do not have a builder as of yet, you can contact us for a general indication of a budget by giving us a brief description. What we will try and work out is the AREA of any extensions, and the area altered, and what spaces are used for ie. bathroom, kitchen or living. We will need to know your address.

This process should not cost anything.

2. Make contact with a designer to discuss the project, and prepare a quotation for the required scope of works (architectural DESIGN Ltd provide free quotations).

We will come to site to overview the project, get a brief idea of what you are trying to achieve (form a brief), and email you a ​quotation as follows for:


a. The designer will need to allow for an on site survey, then input the information into their system so that a concept can be developed.


b. This information is used to form a design concept and delivered to you in some format.

c. The design concept is then discussed and revised to suit.

In some instances, the final design/concept won't be known at this stage, so building consent documentation may not be able to be quoted at this stage.

d. This is where we offer in office Virtual Reality for our clients to "feel" the concept as this is by far the most organic way to accept/enhance or develop the concept.


In some instances, pricing drawings may be requested by your builder. These are a short version of the final drawings to give the builder more in depth information to aid in his estimation process. But ever increasing, their suppliers are asking for full working drawings.


We make a full comprehensive list of required drawings in our quotation for more understanding of what you are paying for. This quotation is for the full documentation of drawings, specifications, memorandums, engineering and the building consent application completely filled out and ready to hand over the council counter.

From here on, you should have good guidance on architectural FEES, the steps involved with the design process, the building consent process and, we recommend our third party contract between you and the builder which makes for a very good transparent interface and will aid in any variation in price issues that may arise.

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